Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Daughter and the Jenga Blocks

I bought a set of Jenga for Courtney and I to play together about 2 yard sale seasons ago now. We now have 3 sets. No we don't play all 3 sets at once, although Courtney has contemplated this idea several times, only to have me remind her that tall towers lead to short games of Jenga.
We have 3 sets cause she loves to build things with them. I sold the old wooden blocks long ago, none of the 3 kids never really did play with them long, but their is just something about these Jenga blocks that seems to hold hours of Courtney's attention. Maybe it is because they are all identical in size making for symmetrical towers of all styles, maybe its because they are so smooth. Who knows what it is, but whatever it is I have many a shot in our family album of Courtney and her Jenga block collection.
Her towers could inspire architects, sometimes it leaves me wondering just how she balanced them like she does. I often find towers built not just on coffee tables, but under them. Then there are the messages "I love you mom" across the dining room table (melt my ever bitty heart) and like above "her name" or sometimes its the family dogs, or her brothers.
She plays with Lego here and there, with barbies in the tub (oh and I so happy to report that she finally allows ken to keep his head), or when a friend is over, but mostly Courtney finds satisfaction in her Jenga blocks!

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