Sunday, September 26, 2010

The only Benefit of My Husband's Soda drinking Habit

I have tried for years to get my husband to stop drinking this stuff or at least to cut back from his FOUR CANS A DAY habit. Yes your read that right FOUR CANS A DAY.
In the earlier years of our marriage I tried buying just the no-name stuff, that back fired, he would just go out and get the name brand. Then I tried dispersing just a "daily amount" and hiding the rest. Darn man, he must have a nose for the stuff cause he always found it and helped himself to more.
Then for a while I just let it be, bought the name brand and complained about it only to the cashiers as I was buying it, oh and by the way don't say to the person behind you in line at the grocery store, MY HUBBY AND HIS DARN COKE HABIT IS ROBBING US IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE, unless you are sure they saw the 12 pk of coke-a-cola in your cart first". It will only lead to very judgemental stares, as you leave the store with your 3 young children toddling behind you, and only when you reach the parking lot will it hit you that some stranger now thinks you are married to a man with an illigal drug habit!!
Then news reports starting showing up in magazines about how coke robs your body of calcium, causes kidney stones. How the high amount of high fructose corn syrup in it, is linked to obesity. How they are linking pancreas cancer to those who drink more than a few cans a week. How in some people it robs them of concentration, and even seeing links to depression.
So I began to speak up again, knowing that didn't work, I began taping the mentioned articles to his coke cans. Also complete failure.
So now I am leaving it alone again and concentrating on the blessings of Coke, and that would be, a great website that lets me enter codes from his boxes of poison, and trade them in for free magazines in which I can read articles on how bad his Coke habit is for him. Got to love the irony of that one!!!

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