Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ah Summer!

Summer here where we live is filled with afternoons or mornings poolside at various locations.

One of our new favorite locations is White's Resort. The pool is fabulous, the deck chairs Divine. The company is like no other. And their decorator well, she is so good she should have a monthly spread in Better Homes and Gardens.
This month however has been slow in the swimming department, not because of the weather but because, I have had my leg in hose for the past 3 weeks. I finally got in for the operation to remove my varicose vein that I first developed carrying this little fish pictured above. Over the years it has gotten bigger and more painful, and so I decided to get it removed.
Jack watched the whole procedure so if you want details you will have to ask him. All I will tell you is it felt like my leg was being treated like a human yogurt tube. 3 weeks has passed now and all that remains is a few bruises and small scabs from the incisions so we plan to SWIM IT UP through August to make up for the 3 weeks we missed.

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