Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am back on EBay

About 2 yrs after we moved here, I started reselling things that I got for cheap at yard sales on EBay. Then as things got worse with mom's health, I put it aside. I have wanted to pick it back up again for a while but haven't seemed to fit it into my schedule.

The success of the yard sales and book sales for raising money for our anniversary however, inspired me to keep going. So I set my next goal at enough to take the kids camping in early August for 3 nights (possibly 4 if all goes well). This time I am mainly selling things we no longer use, although in this book lot pictured above I got some of the books for twenty five cents a piece at a yard sale just to fill out the lot more (bigger batches of books bring in more $ per book).

I also wanted money for 2 cots for sleeping in the tent for Jack and I since our travel trailer (pop-up) is broken and I am having the hardest time getting it fixed. Now however it appears that me earning the money for camping and being daring enough to go it alone with the kids has inspired my husband to get out there and look at the trailer himself and see if he can't rig it somehow for 3 nights.

He at first laughed at my idea of fixing the supports with PVC pipe, and the broken vent with some wood sealed with roofers gunk, but now he is second thinking my country hick, suggestions. I told him he is blessed to have a wife of such class, as I slurped on my Hardee's sweet tea and sat cross legged in my skirt while knitting in the passenger seat beside him! He shook his head and smiled from ear to ear, who knows what that man was thinking! But if it gets my pop up fixed, I will take it!

(update Jack, just had me purchase a vent off ebay! hopefully it is here before we leave, although if you ask me a wooden vent with roofing guck for when it rains and a interchangable mesh vent for when its not raining would of done the job (but that's just the country hick gal in me talking)

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