Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Benefits of the Libraries Summer reading Club

See those ice-creams they were FREE, yep!!! got to love FREE as you all know I do! Our local library has a great summer reading program where each week if you meet the reading totals you get coupons for various free food around town.

I think the kids favorite coupon though (at least my two little daredevils, Thomas is not so keen on it) is the free all day ride passes to Indiana beach, a roller coaster park a little over an hour away. Aiden and Courtney are already discussing which rides to enjoy, while Thomas will stick to his usual 3, and that's okay with me, I too am not a ride lover, I got about a 3 ride limit till whatever I ate over the last 24 hrs makes a quick exit, so I understand Thomas' less than thrilled attitude towards amusement parks.

He however is a big lover of the FOOD, being 14 you can never fill that child up!

I love seeing my children read. I often go up to bed at 7:30 just to snuggle up in bed and read. Courtney now has caught on to my habit, and grabs her book and takes over dad's side of the bed (who works till midnight so his side is free) and reads along side me, LOVE IT!!!

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