Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is where my hubby spent most of his last days working on the reno. soon to be rental home
and this is where I spent my last days on the rental, applying tape down along the bottom of the trim around the floor of the whole house.

Hmm.... who got the better deal. Okay so definitely I did. It is times like these that I live in blissdom knowing nothing about plumping, and allowing my husband to do it all, while i scoot around the floor on an old outside chair pillow, applying tape along the floor to protect it for when I paint it.

Poor guy he was down there for days too, fixing breaks and sending me to Lowe's over and over for more plumping parts when another pipe burst (by the last trip by the way, I knew a thing or two about plumbing parts, so I guess I don't live in entire blissful ignorance any longer). But now we are down to one mystery leak, a bit of dust to clean up, and one more flower bed to dig the weeds out of. The "for rent" sign is in the van, and will be in the lawn tomorrow. And Lord willing it will be rented by September, to people who will care for it with the same love we gave to renovating it.

I will take the camera tomorrow for final pic's for you to enjoy next month!

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