Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fourth of July Fireworks

(well the the 3rd of July really but whatever)

The first bang, and as it went off we all went running for a better view.

Aiden striking his old man poise.

I think the town loves our family. When we lived at our Spencer home the 4Th of July fireworks were at the park off the river walk and could be seen by us simple walking across the street and taking the stairs to the top off the hospital park aid.

We moved and guess what that same year the 4Th of July fireworks moved to the soccer fields which are situated just across the river behind our house, and you can see all but the low fire works from our daddy built playground.

Different communities host their fireworks on different nights through the weekend. Marion does theirs on Saturday night, which was the 3rd this time around.

The hardest part of the fireworks is the waiting, Thomas gets more and more anxious by the minute, while I get more and more tired, this leads to something I call cranky mom syndrome. You see it is not dark enough for fireworks till after 10pm that is over an hr past this early birds bedtime. Add the anxiety of overly anxious 14 year old to my "trying to stay awake for the sake my children's summer memories" and you get well, lets just say next time I am, taking a nap, drinking a Starbucks after my usual 4pm caffine cutoff, and not telling Thomas a specific time, just repeating the words "after dark" so as to avoid it again. Still the evening ended well, and all three went to bed, thanking me for the great night melting my cranky mommy mood and making me feel so incredibly blessed by my life.

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