Sunday, July 25, 2010

okay so last month I realized that my titles make no sense, I put up the next months' name when I am really talking about this months.
So I corrected it this time, which means there are two July headings, hope that doesn't confuse anyone. Just read from this July heading to the next, then you are all caught up for the month.
And oh what a busy month, you might have to push the previous post button at the bottom to see it all. Summer time here is busy and cram packed of fun.
I didn't even talk about zoo camp, which Courtney and Aiden did this week.
Next month is just as busy with Youth camp for Thomas next week, followed by camping and DNR day camp the week after. Then its hopefully a trip to the amusement park with the free library tickets, and finally a close to all the summer fun with a three night 4 day trip to the smokey mountains with some friends of ours who were able to get us a smoking hot deal due to being related to the cabin owner.
Hope you enjoy my chatty posts!!!

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