Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Summer of VBS' or CVS if your my daughter

Summer here in Indiana means VBS, or Vacation Bible School. If you are Courtney however, you call it CVS, no matter how many times your brother, mother and father correct you. And CVS is of course the drugstore where I play my coupon game and get lots of products for FREE but that is for another post.
Back to VBS. This year my children when to 4 different VBS' back to back. You see our original church split into two and their friends landed at both churches, and our family landed at another church all together, so they get invited to both and attend both, and then their is a cool reading one that I let them count as a half day of school, and then there is the one pictured above.
This is the Mnt. Olive VBS, now our church was actually having their VBS this week, but my two children who are still young enough to go to VBS begged me to let them attend Mnt. Olive instead. The reason why you ask?? Keith Connor of course!!! He is a local celeb. with the kids, known for all his crazy songs with great moves. He can really get a crowd of kids worked up..... and then send them home with their parents at 9pm so that they can spend the next hour praying that they will fall asleep cause its past YOUR bed time.
Seriously though, I love watching this guy work his magic with the kids, and seeing my kids get all pumped up for Jesus!
And this year Aiden received a CD of Keith Connor in honor of his Birthday, so now we can bring Keith and his crazy music with us where ever we go. Oh ya man, we are totally "doing the sprinkler" while we drive down the bypass.

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