Sunday, August 29, 2010

A day for the Littlest Two Of Our Family Zoo

Seeing this touched my heart, the two of them hand in hand just shaking with the anticipation of the adventure.
And this is where that adventure led them. They spent 2o mins stuck way up in the air waiting for the roller coaster to work, while their mother on the ground couldn't help but feel her heart beating out of her chest, as she recounted stories of roller coaster horrors. They were safe though and got off asking to do it again! Crazy pair!!!

And this would be my eldest's idea of fun at the amusement park, the log ride, and the swing ride, he went on maybe two others. Good thing his ticket was free from the library summer reading program cause we certainly didn't wouldn't have gotten our money's worth from that ticket. He is definatley more like his mama, I get too sick to do the rides my two youngest do.

My youngest two were riding this while their big brother did the log rid, and then proceeded to do it again and again. Thrill seekers I tell ya!

And this is the bench that Jack and I sat on while the kids enjoyed the ride. No free library tickets for us, although we didn't care, were not big roller coaster riders any how. We just sat back and chatted the day away.

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