Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am so proud of my redhead runner!

I remember our first married paper budget, and we have had numerous since. I don't pretend that I am a perfect manager of money, I don't think there is a person out there that is perfect. God doesn't ask for us to be perfect either, He simply asks us to be good stewards with what He gave us.
Yet God has blessed me with financial wealth out of very tragic circumstances, that still today if I could I would give every penny back and have those people back in my life again, but I can't.
That said, I thought long and hard and prayed long and hard before I spent a penny of those blessings, knowing that those who gave it too me worked hard to see it passed on, and the way I spent it seems to be attracting attention. I was asked to give a MOPS financial speech this winter (mother's of preschoolers), where I talked about building a financial legacy using what you have been given wisely.
And then came this proud day shown above, my redhead runner, asked me and my "oh so sarcastic she could be my twin" brunette (I LOVE YOU!!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS KRISTINA,YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE) to sit down with her and make a budget that would work for her family.
It was a great morning crunching numbers. And I can say that although they had a bumpy first week the redhead just told me the other day that a budget it working! and that makes me smile!

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