Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just what are these for you ask?
Jack's parents asked us to come to their big shin dig, in honor of a few joyous milestones, and so we are going.

I have known about this trip for months and yet told very few (some of you I will be contact to set up visits with as soon as I get of this blog).

And I have really searched my heart as to why. First I thought it was the effort of the trip, getting 3 children packed, and then traveling 3000 miles is work. Then I thought perhaps it is the time of year, I love September in Indiana, and really don't want to escape it then, I would rather leave it when its cold and muddy. But, no that is not it, then today in church it hit me HARD tears just started flowing from my eyes.

I will be visiting my childhood home, and the one who made it home won't be there. I am crying as I type this but I want you all to know I am sorry for not telling you sooner, and I apologize in advance if I seem a bit quiet, or distant, its just my heart is full of emotion, of grief and fond memories of a woman who made Vancouver Island home to me.

Now read the post below and have a laugh on me! Cause I know my mom wouldn't want me crying too long. She loved to laugh and see others laugh, and I intend to laugh when I am with you all too.

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