Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Promised I would be Honest with You

I wanted this blog to get you to really know our family just as we are. I don't want to write us into a mold that we are not. I don't want to lie and say we are "that family" you know the one where the hubby comes home after a long day with a smile on his face to a spotless house with the smell of pot roast in the air, all three children reading books way past their grade levels, all clean and ready to wait on their parents every command.
YEAH THAT IS SO NOT US. So here is a little secret that might make some of you blush, but I know its going to make most of my family and friends roar with laughter. Do you want to know why the work on our Sherman home came to a slow crawl for a while, our bed got delivered, and Jack and I just couldn't stop ourselves from "napping" whenever we went over to work. Some of that "napping" was the married sort, but most of it was just really truly catching up on REMS!
So now that we are moving over to fixing up the final home to rent, this bed above worries me. It is the reason I think that although we could get it done by mid winter I know it will be late spring, cause this is our old bed, we left behind at that location, and it is already calling our names!!!

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