Sunday, August 29, 2010

I told you I get out of control when I bike ride.
(this photo above is a reenactment of the morning, although the redhead has not been substituted she was in no mood for photo's the day of the actual event)

As I mentioned before sometimes when I get on my bike I just get an urge in my brain, perhaps my helmet is too tight, who knows but once that urge hits nothing can stop it.

It was a Monday morning this time right around 6:30 am the sun finally rose, and I jumped off the couch where I had been waiting for the last hour and a half and ran for the bike, my water bottle, trail mix, my runners watch (also keeps track of bike ride distance and speed) cellphone and mp3 (only worn in one ear on back roads I promise!).

Within the first block I realized the weather was just right, it was too gorgeous for a piddly 10 miler, nope I was heading to my redhead runners house and she was going to make me her special oatmeal.

14.5 miles later and just over 1 hr, I made it climbed off the bike and slowly opened her door, to find her just as I suspected, fast asleep. I woke her with one of my very loud "HEY IT"S ME", and then proceeded to jump on her bed (yes you bet I did).

After wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she did get up and make me breakfast, and we chatted for about 30 mins, before I hopped on my bike and headed for home. Round trip just over 30 miles!! I LOVE BIKING SEASON!!!!

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