Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Down Scaled Cookie Party

All 65 over sized Sugar Cookies Baked and ready to decorate
My kids digging into the icing

Aiden getting the base ready for the sprinkles

The finished product (and this plate is dinner sized just to give you an idea of how huge these cookies are)
Last years cookie party although loved by all was pretty hard on our house and yard. We had over 40 children attend. I have always done the party open house style but people tend to stay the whole time, so bodies really start to add up. And we are so blessed to add more and more friends to our lives every year.
So when I sat down to plan out the party this year, my hubby put his foot down, and although I was a bit saddened by his request I already had come to the same conclusion. The party had grown too big for our home and so either it had to be moved or down scaled.
I spent a sleepless evening thinking about how the cookie party all began and realized it was for the kids. So the next morning I sat them down and let them help me decide what to do. And so we ended up with a list of close childhood friends only and managed to cap it at 20 children including their selves.
And those 20 kids had a blast. Decorating cookies and then eating pizza and enjoying hours of play together!
And yes I am still sweeping up a sprinkle or two!

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