Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Very Own Christmas Stars

Courtney and her rapping mates! hanging out at the mall
Mr. Biggington a very important businessman with no time for anyone else but his work

I love helping out with our churches children's Christmas play every year. It always looks like it is going to be such a disaster till the performance night when it turns out beautifully.

I am just one of the helpers in this event the main lady is amazing, she pulls things together with style and ease. When she asked me if I thought Aiden could pull of Mr. Biggington I was a little concerned. You see the part required a solo song and I wasn't sure Aiden could pull it off. He can be so shy and quiet at times.

Well the choir director knows my sons talents better than I do it turns out. Cause that boy can sing, in perfect pitch the entire time while dancing out a tap dance act with a cane, and he is loud and clear!!!!

You could have seen Jack's, and my own shinning faces of parental pride for miles.

Courtney also did a great job. She just had a little part just 3 lines but she really hammed it up!

Can't wait till next years!!!

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