Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Christmas Photo

Okay so over the years the Christmas card list has become pretty much family only and included the latest best family picture from that year. Now family may have noticed the lack of the picture this year and let me explain. You did not recieve photo due to my melted mommy heart!

Courtney loves to help out with gifts and letters and cards. She overheard Jack and I discussing which "picture" to choose for the card, she immediately piped up and said "I will do the picture mommy". Well I couldn't exactly say no to my inspiring artist so I gave her the index cards that fit in the cards and let her go at it.

Next year I will have her make the cards and will use the word "photo", that way you all should end up with a family pic. and Courtney will end up with the enjoyment of creating, and that's a win win.

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