Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grabbing the Perfect Hill Conditions

As I mention in my post below Indiana does not get a lot of snow in the winter, at least not deep snow. So when we are blessed to receive more than 2 inches, I have learned the hard way (by putting sleighing off for a day only to wake up to it melted and 3 crying kids on my hands) to grab the sleighs and go whenever that deep snow comes.
So one morning the conditions were just right. Now sleighing here is not as easy as grab your sleighs and go, cause the only hills big enough around here for sleighing are in the local school yards and they don't take kindly to a bunch of homeschooling famlies hooting and hollering down the hill while their students try to concentrate on their studies (hmm. wonder why).
So I have to hold the kids off till the local school bells ring, and then we tear over to the school and go for it. On this day we were the only 2 families. Which I am sure others are regretting cause we have not had a good sleigh day since (in fact right now its sunny and no snow on the ground at all).
Aiden was cautious at first. If you remember he broke his collar bone the last time he sleighed. But he had one of his best buds with him so after his first slide he seemed to be just a big of a dare devil as ever.
I enjoyed fellowship with another homeschooling mom while drinking Starbucks and knitting in her heated vehicle. The kids lasted 45 min's. before wanting to go home for hot chocolate.
Oh and that reminds me if you are ever out of hot chocolate I have discovered a cheap yet healthy quick version
1 cup milk
2 tablespoon cocoa
2tablespoon sugar
place it in a pan and whisk it together, and put it on the stove top on medium, keep a close eye on it stirring frequently.
My kids love it!!! and it has no added ingredients you can't pronounce which means I love it too! If you want it stronger add in more cocoa and sugar.

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