Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 2010
Wow as I write the first week of the new year is almost half gone.
Christmas seemed like forever in coming and then it was out with the christmas tree.
Or in our case down the stairs with the christmas tree, where it will sit fully assembled and wrapped in lights till next Christmas season. I am not to the point of leaving the decorations on it yet, but so past the point in trying to stuff it back in that tiny box when I have a perfectly dry basement with lots of room to store it fully intacted till it is needed again.
This months entry is two pages like most have been, so don't forget to click older posts and keep reading till you hit November.
I use to write the last Sunday of each month, but when you read my yearly goal post below you will see I have other plans for that time spot this year. But, I am planning to write my new post the first week of each month.
So till next month read on.

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