Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow in Indiana

Once again I got the order wrong! Uggh you think after several years of blogging I would remember that the first picture I put in becomes the last and the last becomes the first Oh well.

Indiana is not a snow bountiful state. I think in the eight years I have been here the deepest I have seen it is at the bottom of my calf's. Yes it does get cold, yes we do get ice storms, yes the snow does drift and get deep in some areas, but as far as day to day winter goes, snow is usually an inch or two at best.

I personally like it that way, but then I am a coastal girl, and grew up having snow for a day, then waking up the next day and having it gone. You got out in it you had fun in it, then before you could even get bored of it, it was gone! And that kept snow exciting.

Now I understand the years are jading me, I use to like snow more, so I try to dig deep and find that gal when the snow falls here and get the kids out in it.

Courtney does not need to do any digging, at the first sign of snow she is out the door trying to build a snow man, even if all she's got to work with is an inch.

Don't ya just love her outfit in the bottom picture. Its the modern layered look, gumboots, and sweatpants under her dress!

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