Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Favorite Christmas Clearance Finds

If you know me at all you know that I love making sugar cookies in vanilla or chocolate. And I also love making them little (like the size of animal crackers, those are Jacks favorites) to Large (like my Christmas cookie party cookies). So when I saw these giant cookie pans on 50% off after Christmas well, I couldn't help myself! I had to have them. And even though Christmas has already been over a week ago, I had to try them out right away!

Oh and in the background is the new VCR my hubby and I bought with some of our Christmas money. Yeah we are so up with the times. Well really we usually are, but we both had a few VHS tapes we missed watching since our old player broke so we sprung for a new one. These things are hard to find now!

The kids had a blast decorating them. And are now enjoying eating them. I have such plans for this one! Congrats on the new home! cookies!!!

This one I thought you could do up in so many ways! But turns out its even more fun to cut. Aiden immediately said "off with its head mom" and Thomas screamed "saw off his leg!" Courtney insisted the head be cut in two! Vicious children!

What else did I clearance buy? you ask. Well I bought the usual wrapping paper, light strands and big pack of tissue paper (white so I can use it all year but it has the Christmas label on the package so they put it in the clearance). I also bought plain red and green gift bags to use for birthdays through out the year. For the gift box in our closet I bought, small toys for birthday parties we are invited to, throughout the year.
For Courtney I grabbed tights in various winter prints. And for the boys marked down Lego sets I will save for their birthdays and stack the savings on top in the form of cash for them to spend how they want.
I also grabbed Rubbermaid Christmas print containers for Jack's lunches by combining coupons with sales I got 8 for just $1 which should keep him going a while (he is not so great at returning them, so the cheaper the better).
But my favorite purchase by far, were these Christmas cookie shaped sheets. Each year I buy one thing I consider really unneeded but oh so fun to have in my Christmas cooking affairs. Last year it was a trifle bowl that I filled with oranges all winter long, loving the color they brought to the dining room. The year before that it was Christmas trays that we have used over and over at potlucks. Next year who knows, and that's the fun part, seeing just what the clearance aisle will produce after Christmas.

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