Sunday, February 27, 2011

An apology and another reason to never say never

I think about 2 months back, when I last blogged, I said that Indiana doesn't get deep snow. Well I guess just to prove me wrong, Indiana decided to have a few weeks of deep snow. The first of the storms, started in January, on a day that I had for months planed to go to Fort Wayne with the kids to a Jr. Achievement day workshop.

The weather man had spoke of coming snow for 24 hours and when I awoke we still had not seen a flake. So I packed up the kids and went ahead with my plans. 45 min's. later as we pulled into the parking lot, the first flake began to fall, and then another and another. By the time the day of workshops were over, we had about 4 to 5 inches of very deep and wet snow! not pretty! And traffic was going at a snails pace.

To top it all of my window wipers were not working right and the only way I was able to see was to pull over every 15 minutes and wipe the gathering snow off myself. And then within minutes I was down to a shoebox size opening of visibility.

Which caused me to go to plan B. See my family reading this knows, I am a west coast gal! and on top of that I didn't learn to drive till 21 my experience with snow especially deep fast falling snow is minimal. So before I left I grabbed a bag of clothes and swimsuits, cause my hubby had said "if it gets bad just stay". So stay we did.

My kids enjoyed their first real snow-in! We hung out all evening in the hotel room while it actively snowed venturing out only one block for burgers and an after dinner snack to be enjoyed later as we curled up under the blankets watching our fill of mind numbing TV.

The kids were very nice to me and let me indulge in Biggest Loser, and in doing so decided maybe mom might really have something when she says you shouldn't eat past being full, and that 3 pieces of pizza is enough for anyone and just why I don't let them drink pop more than once or twice a week.

The rest of the evening was cartoons and a hour and a half swim in the pool. The next morning we woke up to bright sunshine, and enjoyed sleeping in, eating from the free breakfast buffet, and another swim in the pool, followed by more mind numbing TV, till check out at 11.

Since then we have had two more big dumps of snow, each one melting almost completely before the next one arrives! Its almost like Indiana is saying "see Victoria, I can make snow!!!" Yes Indiana enough I get it already!!!

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