Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cooking Lessons
He made the crust from scratch too!
Hot out of the oven!


Enjoying the fruits of his labor
Up until just recently my eldest has only known how to cook chicken nuggets and fries for he and his siblings. Of course he can also do the sand which thing as well. But he and his siblings decided maybe it was time to branch out.
So one or two evenings a month now, I am working with Thomas learning how to cook some simple meals on his own.
He decided to start with my quick crust pizza. the recipe is available at (click highlight). Go the her recipe section and you will see it listed there.
The first night, he watched, the second night, I watched him do it. The third time, he made it all by himself with me in another room. The next time, I plan to be out, but with cellphone, and within only a few minutes drive.
So far he is doing really well, and claims his pizza is better than mine! Oh the humility of a 15 year old!

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