Sunday, February 27, 2011

Modern Day Childhood
I looked back in our car one day and saw this and just had to snap a picture. Now the Starbucks cup is full of hot chocolate, so those of you in a panic that I am ruining my 8 year old by pumping her up with caffeine BREATHE.

I just couldn't help to think, what my parents saw in the back seat when I was this age. It would have been me, staring out the window, bored out of my mind!

But my kids have not just Nintendo Ds's that they can shoot bad guys on while traveling down interstate 69. Nope now thanks to their sister, and her saving habits, they have a i-pod touch to watch movies on and play games on. And if dad and mom are in a sharing mood, which they normally are they have one for each of them as well.

I also love the brotherly and sisterly love shown in this picture. Most of the time my boys are begging me to adopt another girl to entertain their sister so she stops bugging them!!! But when forced to sit, side by side in the family car (cause the van is on its last legs and doesn't make long trips) they actually get along!

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