Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Favorite Thrift Store Find of the Year So Far

My kids may not read for pure entertainment much. In fact this school year I started assigning 2 books per week for each child to read, just to get them to read something. But one on thing all three of them will read (especially Thomas and Courtney) is Archie comics.

These comics are hard to find in stores, I managed to grab two for Christmas stocking stuffers at Christmas. They are also expensive at almost $4 a comic now. Up until now I have not found a single Archie comic at a thrift store or yard sale in probably over 10 years.

But Late January, the kids and I hit the Jackpot 13 Archie comics, all in like new condition on half price for .25 cents a comic. Believe me that was the most silent ride home from the thrift store I have experience ever!!! all I heard was pages flipping, and the odd giggle or two.

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