Sunday, February 27, 2011

One More Year and He Can Drive?
Started the morning with gift opening. Well more cash envelope opening really, He had one new Lego set and several cash envelopes
I think the Lego set ended up being more enjoyed by his smaller brother! who spent hours putting it together for his brother.

Here he is with the finished product and instructions to his brother of "never ever take it apart" apparently is was the toughest Lego set my expert Lego builder has seen to date.

Thomas told his sister she could decorate his cake for him.

She used the entire 1 pound bag of M&M's but loved every minute of it. Here is a picture of the
finished product in my one of my favorite January clearance finds a $4 glass cake keeper , no more upside down pot for our cakes.

Thomas had a family over for dinner who have several children his age that he likes to spend time with this is Gavin, they get together once a week to play "halo" and talk dinosaurs and computers. Pizza and Coke was the menu.

Here is the birthday boy with his cake. He still lets me play up his valentines birthday with a heart shape cake on two conditions, the icing can't be pink and the candy on it can't be girly! I can live with that!
We took a 4 day weekend in honor of Thomas' birthday, on his day we just hung out at home and then had friends over for dinner that night. The next day Jack was off, so we headed to Fort Wayne for a family day in Thomas' honor. We took in a movie at the last run movie theatre where seats are $2 all day on Tuesday. Then grabbed a snack at dunkin donuts before heading over to Chuck-e-cheeses, to play video games.
Before heading home, we hit target to pick up the spores expansion pack he wanted, and then had dinner at Chik-fil-la.
He spent the rest of his money on a new (yet older title) Halo game he didn't have yet, and a few
accessories for his air soft gun he got with his christmas money.

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