Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still Selling
The last 2 months I have not gotten through as much stuff as I would have liked. But I have made progress, and that should be celebrated. I went through all our books that my kids have outgrown and managed to sell 90% of them through my facebook friends community.
I have also sold Courtney's old gymnastic outfits, and have now started going through the homeschool curriculum we no longer use.
I have sent out inquires for when the local homeschooling sale is, and plan to get a table at it, and have applied for a con igners number at the local children's consignment weekend sale and the ladies consignment weekend sale.
So things will soon pick up. And month by month the house is getting lighter. Of course month by month the kids are getting bigger and out growing more and more, so really its a never ending process, but lets not think about that!

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