Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our new Passions!
I was just a little bored of my current list of patterns I knew and wanted to learn something new, yet I wanted it to be simple and do able within no more than a few days. I have enough in my life that seems to bog me down I wanted something that made me feel like I could conquer it in little time. When I saw a girlfriend of mine making a spiral scarf like the one I am holding in this web cam photo, (hence the shadow and poor pixel detail) I knew I had found the pattern for me. I have already completed the one above and given it away as a birthday gift to a dear friend. Since then I have done one more and am now on my third. Thinking of posting a few for sale soon on my facebook craft corner, cause these are addicting and I am soon going to run out of friends to give them too since right now I am finishing 2 a week! (yarn bought with 40% off coupons or more of course! love coupons!!!)
This is a picture of Jack's new passion. It all started one stormy day when I brought him grocery shopping with me.

I hate grocery shopping and the two treats that get me through are good coffee and good company!

This day I choose good company. And since here 2 or the 3 stores I hit are big box stores Jack doesn't mind tagging along occasionally and checking out the other departments.

We were in the freezer aisle together, when a friend from Jack's work sees us. We start to talk and some how get on the topic of salsa making. Now this gal can make some good salsa Jack has brought me home some before.

20 minutes later (ya trips to the store with Jack take way way way longer, he talks a lot, but I don't mind it turns a chore into a social gathering ) He ends up with her recipe.

By the time we finish grocery shopping, we end up with not just groceries but a new $60 food processor that does the works! Not that I have used it much, it's mostly Jacks baby. (ya trips to the store with Jack often cost more, but I don't mind they are useful items or tasty ones)

Since then Jack has made salsa for us and for potluck gatherings with friends. Just this Friday night he made up his first batch to give as a gift.

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