Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Favorite Family Day Find

Can you guess which is mine and which is Jacks?
Did you guess right?

Below you will read about our family day in Fort Wayne in honor of Thomas' birthday.

While we in target, I had the need for some good coffee, I only drink coffee once or twice a week, the rest of the time I stick to organic green tea. But the afternoon low was hitting me and we still had a few hours out and about, and target conveniently has a Starbucks in their store.

While I was ordering coffee, my hubby says "wow I love that mug, it would be great for tea". The man asks for such few things, I thought the least I could do was use my FREE with swagbucks coffee cards to buy him a mug for his tea, since my dishwasher helpers have broken his few favorites this year.

Well next to the mug he liked was an even bigger mug! And I just could not resit, I got the server to wrap up both. How cute would it be to have matching mugs of hot tea in the morning I thought. Well okay so they don't completely match mine is bigger! and in his cup you will find weak earl grey with lots and lots of sugar and milk, and in mine you will find steeped for 1o minutes organic green tea with Stevia (the only sugar substitute that doesn't give me migraines or numb half my face) .

Now each morning you will find exactly that, me and the hub's chatting on the couch, him with his and me with mine! Ah now that's the life!

(can't help but wonder though do you think the mugs are missing coffee, do you think that they are sad that they are not being used for their intended purpose, man maybe I best brew myself some coffee this week, just to make sure my mugs are living a satisfied life! LOL !)

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