Sunday, February 27, 2011

My New Saving Finds!

These cards add up to $35 and are representative of one months worth of FREE CARDS from mypoints, swagbucks and my banks rewards program. I spend probably a few minutes a day clicking through surveys and polls to help boost my points, while doing other chores, the rest I earn through regular Internet searches or Internet shopping. (want to sign up and earn, send me an email or comment below and I will send you the links, I would love the referal bonus if you wish to do so)
These cards are just a few of those purchased by us since January through and where you can get gift cards from 7% to 10% off the value of the card.

In two months we have saved $52 using the above listed gift card sites.Mostly we have used them for Lowes our local home improvement store. But we also used them to save money on my running shoes, and to save money at McDonald's. The trick is to pick stores you use on a regular basis and to not spend more than you normally budget, otherwise you are not saving anything.

In the top picture are just a few of $45 in FREE cards, we received in the past 2 months due to spending our Christmas card money through point giving sites, and my searches and poll taking. And we also have another $35 coming our way in FREE cards this month.

Now most months we won't earn that many FREE cards it just that most of the 5 of us got more Christmas money than gifts and what we wanted was available on line for FREE shipping and we got points for FREE gift cards by buying on line so why not!

I am planning to keep track all year long just how much we save at the discounted gift card sites, and just how much we receive FREE from the point sites. I will post those details with you. I am interested to see just what they will be.

This is just one more avenue available to the at home mom. Never think that you have no economic value because believe me, you make all the difference in the world as to whether your family thrives or dives economically.

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