Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Gift's!
I love any occasion to give and receive gifts. I love creatively thinking of what to make for the person with my own two hands.
Now obviously this is not a picture of what I made. Nope this is what I got!! 2 years ago I gave my hubby a 20% off purchase coupon to bath and body works, and told him anything lavender would be greatly appreciated! I also told him if he already had an idea that was fine, but since we had a new claw foot tub, I wanted bubble stuff.
Little did I know that the only thing lavender in bath and body works is their most expensive line! When I saw the credit card statement after valentines I was shocked. Yet I enjoyed ever single soak, and 2 years later the bottle is just about empty, turns out this stuff is super concentrated (that and I don't have much time for leisurely soaks)
So this year knowing there was no way I could bring myself to pay that much for bubble bath, I sent the man in that would. Why? cause he loves me and likes to indulge me, and over the years I have learned to accept that, and indulge me he did, splurging this time, for the lotion and body spray too! and a little gift for his little gal as well. (oh and he used a 20% off coupon I conveniently left in his wallet)
My gifts to him are usually smaller and contain some act of service, for instance this valentines, I made him a batch of his favorite gingerbread cookies an had them out waiting for him when he got home. I also had another surprise waiting for him that was more romantic in nature. Why? cause I show love to him by respectively living within our means, so that he isn't forced to work hard than he has to.
It use to bug me when year after year his gift would be bigger than mine. When I would give him so much cash for gift spending and he would go over. But now not so much. I have learned that spoiling me gives him pleasure and who am I to spoil his good mood.
I don't even give him a budget any longer, I just simply hand him the credit card, and promise not to look at the statement till after the big day. Now don't go thinking, but the after day sting! No Jack knows our financial situation and he knows what we can and cannot afford to pay cash for once the statement arrives.
As for returning a big gift with a big gift! I have learned my hubby doesn't like gifts much. Nope they don't thrill him. He would rather be treated to time away ( I once surprised him with an overnight at a hotel, just for him, when we had non-sleeping infants in the home, he grabbed his book and slept and read all by himself for almost 24 hrs, to him that was better than any gift item), or special cooking, or ..............! (things that shall remain untold for the sake of those who read this and changed our diapers on occasion when we were just little tike's) And that tickles my creative side, so I am happy with it, and so is he!

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