Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Big Surprise!!!
It all started yesterday morning, when Aiden desperately seemed to want to spend some time with Dad. Dad showed up around 10 and had just a bit more hospice work to do before heading to the reno house. I asked if Aiden could go with him he said, well not now but he can come with me on an errand at 3, we will be gone till 7. I of course not being one to survive off of few details (I am a very detail person I got know all the who, what, when, where and why) Asked for more information about the errand. All I got was a big fat "Its a surprise you are going to have to wait!!!.

Well several phone calls later, and I finally guessed it, and Jack admited to it. He had already picked it up by then. He bought what you see pictured above, a 1996 pop up tent trailer, with a queen size bed on one end and a double on the other, fridge, stove, tv and vcr, heater (but no airconditioning) roll out awning and the green carpet to go with it. They even threw in all their camping supplies for a cool $1700.

The kids are already begging to go out in it. I think we have a few weeks left where we could. Jack quit his weekend on call work at Hospice, so we should have the time (I know I know we got a house to complete but ya got to have a bit of fun now and then)

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