Saturday, September 13, 2008

My new Sport!!!

After 3 years or running in the summers I finally decided to Kick things up a notch. A few things helped first I finally went to the doctor's this winter to find out why I was so tired all the time and sore all over, which turned out to be a iron defficiancy problem!!! Within three months I felt loads better and even my weird migranes went way down in frequency.
If you are wondering why I call them wiered well count on me to suffer from a form of migrane only 5% of migrane sufferers get, that actually cause one half of my body to go numb!!!!

Any ways enough about my wierd body, lets get back to running. The most important reason I began running longer and more often was because my friend Jami took up a liking to it too, and then her liking spread like wild fire and now at least three other friends are running. They are now my sisters in sweat!!! And believe I am no daintly lady I sweat a lot!!!

The pictures above are of my first official race as an adult, I use to love to run in grade school got lots of ribbons in a box somewhere to prove it. Still I was a bit nervous that was oh lets say 20+ years ago I kind of did not remember what it felt to race.

Well apparently I still remember how, me and Jami both won 3rd place in our division, okay really I got the 3rd and she got the 4th but we really finished together and I only placed before her cause I saw the ladies hand reaching out for our time cards first.

My next goal is a mini-marathon this coming October just over 13 miles of running, I think that works out out to just over 2o km for you Canadian folks. Strangly I am looking forward to it.

I am also planning or registering for the Indy 500 race in the spring, no I am not taking up car racing, they have a mini-marathon around the track before the big car race. Its suppose to be one of the largest ones in the nation. I figure having that as a goal will keep me focused on my workouts over the winter when I would really rather be hibernating.

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