Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lets Jump right back in shall we!!!
Yes that is a picture of my 6 year old girl jumping off the high dive and enjoying every minute of it while her mother takes the safe road and sticks to the lower diving board. Anyways lets get away from the fact that my 6 year old is braver than her mother and just cover some ground of what is happened in the last few months of non-existant blogging for me (I think the last one was late march).

Our family is still working on the first of our two renovation homes (we live in one). Things really took a slow down in the winter, once Jack took his new position at hospice, good thing is we own it, so the cost of holding onto it is low. I had one wise woman say really when you look at it, my hubby has renovation as a hobby and our holding cost per year are about the same as an annual green fee to a exclusive golf course BUT, I will get those green fees back with perhaps some profit when he is done, not many people have a husband with a hobby that does that!!!!

I am the official painter of the project, now up until this year my experience painting has been very limited but over the last few months I have learned a few things.

1. Buy the more expensive painters tape, you will not regret it (However if you do buy the cheaper tape, your frustration level will rise when you realize you now have to touch up a lot of areas that were pulled off by the Cheap tape!!!)

2. When painting in tight spaces where a hat or a shower cap, cause paint takes a long time to come out of hair, and you will get tired of people saying "there is something white in your hair!!!"

3. A good scrub brush full of body wash will take most paint off skin!! (what can I say I am a dripper and I hate using gasoline it stinks!!)

4. Always have a roll of paper towels handy for spills and oh ohs!

5. Those little edgers on wheels are the greatest inventions for painting near ceilings!!! They beat the edge paint brushes hands down.

6. When all else fails, go to Sherwin Williams and confess your lack of knowledge, and they will be happy to help you.

Some of you may be wondering just what our time line is now for our current renovation house. Well truthfully I give up on time lines, but I do know what has to be finished, its pretty much painting and more painting and more painting for me while Jack has to put in closet systems, redo the front porch, put in the claw foot tub and upstairs sink, put in all flooring throughout house, and put up a lot of trim , around windows and doors and floors and ceilings, oh and he has to hang those doors (which again need painting). There are also the kitchen counters to install, as well as the kitchen sink.

But truly we are still enjoying the work, it is very satifying for me to go over there and put in four hours of work and go back another day and see that those four hours of work are still done and not undone like the hours of work I put in to keep our current home clean. For Jack, its a change from dealing with people all day. We both love a challange and it truly has been a challange and continues to be one that we are pluging away at.

There goes the timer. I don't write much in an hour do I !!! Well I had computer issues today for the first ten minutes my picture would not load!!! See you next week.

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