Sunday, September 28, 2008

There is an explanation!!!
You may be wondering, why a picture of a bed. Well this is our new bed, and yes it is in our renovation home, waiting for us. You see when we moved, we had great difficulty getting our King size bed up our stairs (it actually put the very first hole in the plaster of our current home). That day Jack said to me " honey without the aid of a chain saw that bed is never coming down!". So the king mattress has never really been the same since it got so squished to fit, plus we are in a different stage of life now then we were when we got the king over 8 years ago, then we considered ourselves lucky if we had the bed to ourselves for more than an hour before a child rolled in for the night, or sometimes it was two children one on each side squishing us.
Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now those days are gone, no children climb in bed with us any more, so we can go down to a queen once again.
I know you are still waiting for the reason it is at our new home, I am getting there just let me enjoy reminiscing a bit would ya!!! Okay well, we purchased our kitchen appliances at one of those all and one stores, and they happened to have a great sale on memory foam type beds that week as well, and it meant we would save the price of two deliveries, so we bought it. Thinking at that point by the time the appliances came 2 months later (you can store them at their warehouse for 2 months free of charge) that we would be close to done, and in need of the bed by then. Ya!! Whatever! Life happens,.
So we had them put the bed upstairs, and a week later I found this headboard at a yard sale and gave it a fresh coat of paint, I also found the sheets and the comforter at a yard sale too, so we went ahead and set it all up as a way to protect the bed till we move in.
Jack took a 3 hour nap on it a few weeks back (when he was planning to work on the kitchen), he claims it is really comfortable!!! (apparently this bed, may be a source of distraction for Jack in the months left of Reno's)

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