Sunday, September 28, 2008

The room of beauty and frustration!!!
No this is not Thomas showing off his love of purple, he just happened to be in his sister's room while I was taking the picture and asked if he could be in it.
This is what became of the picture I showed you long ago of a strange pretty much unusable storage area above our stairs. We knocked it into Courtney's room and made her a loft bed out of it, so that she will have tonnes of floor space for play.
The strange patches in the purple walls you see have caused me much frustration and disappointment. For some reason the paint did not stick in all areas of Courtney's rooms and it bubbled and peeled. I am going to get around to fixing it, but for now I just look at it and go, Uggh!!!!!!!! I vacuumed the dust off the wall just like all the other rooms, I primed it and painted two coats just like all the other rooms, me and the paint store guys are stumped!!!
Perhaps its a lesson for me to learn about vanity!!!

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