Sunday, September 28, 2008

Upstairs Bathroom Cabinets
This is a poor picture but it just give you an idea of the storage we built in to the upstairs bathroom. Again my goal for this house, once I knew it was the one we were going to most likely keep of the two was for storage for every thing. Our current home has one main floor closet, and only 2 of the 4 bedrooms have closets, hence I am always looking for places to stick things. I do not want this nightmare again if I can help it. So one night while watching HGTV, while knitting of course, I noticed they used a stock pantry in a bathroom for more storage, and when it was all trimed out and completed it blended in really well, and I went ahh!!!!! we got to do that. So no more screaming to the kids to run, for towels, or toilet paper, or such, it will all be in there.
Oh and guess what, I found a great 3 feet by 4 feet mirror at a yard sale with a fabulous frame for a great deal at a yard sale. It is like brand new!!! ( the Lord provides and provides)

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