Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Floor to ceiling book shelf
This is in the room I am calling the study, most would call it the formal living room, but a homeschooling family of five does not get much use out of a formal living room but a library we will. I am always picking up books at yard sales and thrift stores and really want to make this room a warm and cozy place to curl up with a book. This will be a TV free room. It is at the bottom of the stairs and opens up to the front porch and the dining room so it has a lot of exits off of it, so it is going to be tricky to get that cozy feel I want.
This is also the book shelf I had to "bat my baby browns" for a backing, Jack wanted to leave it drywalled but I did not see that standing up to the abuse of our family so I fought for bead board and won.
He on his own came up with a brilliant plan of drilling a hole in each long shelf and putting a plug in, in the bottom so at Christmas time I could put some of our books away and use it to display our Christmas village, with its lighted up store fronts!!!

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