Sunday, September 21, 2008

The TV Altar
This is found in the family room, really you cannot miss it cause it is huge and takes up the entire wall!!!! I was hoping for a bit more book case and fireplace feel and a bit less TV feel but it came out a bit unbalanced. I am painting the fireplace surround white and the rest chocolate brown to sort of take a bit of emphasis of the TV.
This is of course Jack's pride and joy he did not even let me paint it. I got to prime it and pick the colors but that was all.
If you are wondering how we ended up adding a fireplace, well it was a major close out deal at Lowe's one day and we could not resist the idea of curling up on a cruel harsh Indiana winter's day.
Okay winter really is not as bad here as other areas, but for this coastal girl where winter was like rain for months and snow maybe just a few days, its really Harsh to me!!! Oh well at least its sunny here in winter, I could not stand the Okanagan's grey winter days, I felt like getting a ladder up to the sky and tearing at the clouds, several times I swear to you I did get outside and screamed at the sky "would ya just do something, rain, snow whatever, just do something, cause I cannot stand do nothing grey days"

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