Sunday, October 12, 2008

Doesn't this add a bit of old country charm!!!
I think I have told you before the we as a family unit have been very hard on our 100+ current home, this is the latest disaster that happened in August. It is the ceiling over our dinning room table, it first started out as a small crack, but with three kids who seem to think that jumping off the top bunk is an Olympic event to be practiced over and over again till they get the landing just right, well lets just say it grew. It became a hanging flap and that is when my hubby decided he would try to fix it. His quick fix solution was to put a couple of screws in it. Well I was not home when this happened (otherwise I might of pointed out my doubts as to this method working) so he tried it and lets just say I came home to find this!!!! Turns out the whole mess crumbled all over his adorable Bald head, no injuries and luckily the table was covered with a cloth so it was not hurt either. But, now I am stuck with looking at this till we finish the reno. home, and more dust is falling each day and dinner is now an adventure as to can we eat one more meal here, before more plaster crumbles away on top of us!!!!

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