Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Comes Early to the Huizinga Household this year

Well not really, we still have more Halloween fun planed this year, including a "trunk or Treat" at our Church, Saturday the 25Th followed by a pumpkin walk that night, and then Halloween night we will be tricker treating with our old neighbor's whom we crash every Halloween night, its a tradition for us.

But this year we finally made it to the annual Autumn weekend that our friends attend at a local state park, they get out their campers for one last camping weekend before winter sets in (although as I write the weather forecast is for temperatures in the low 80's today so winter I think is still a while off). They decorate those campsites up for a bit of Halloween fun and then go tric er treating through the campsites and there are a lot of them, we did not hit probably half of them and my kids managed to fill up a plastic walmart bag to bursting, I had to double bag it.

With two more candy based events ahead of us this month its a good thing I have taken up half-marathons, cause I of course have to eat the candies they don't like, I can't waste those. Oh!! and don't forget the mandatory candy testing us parents got to do to make sure its suitable for child consumption!!!!

The kids loved it and apparently so did their dad, he wants us to get our own spot for the event next year!!! (got to fix that pop up tent trailer first!!!)

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