Sunday, October 19, 2008

What I did Last Weekend
It was one of those strange but great 80 degree weekends last week, so what did I do? I pretended it was summer and did some gardening. Well, actually I always do about 90% of my planting in the fall. Why? you ask, no it is not because I procrastinate ( although I am good at doing that too) But, really it is because the plants can be found at your local nursery for 50% to 75% off, so you can get plants for as low as $1 a piece, that's dirt cheap for perennials, and with my less than green thumb, I will take a stab at gardening at those prices.
Seriously my gardening skills are not worth full price, I did not inherit my dads gardening skills, those that know him, know he can grow anything, anywhere, his daughter however (at least this one my sister, she has got the green thumb) , has yet to keep a house plant alive longer than 2 years and that was one of those really extra hardy very hard to kill types.
I am liking my arrangement though and these plant should have long enough to put down roots for the winter, I have done it the last three falls and have gotten great results, I loose about 10% of what I buy each year, but remember I am no "green thumb".

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