Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Big Race Is Now Less than a Week Away!!!!
Yep you heard me it is less than a week away till I pound the pavement in Indianapolis along with oh almost 6000 other runners to take part in just over 13 miles (that's 21 km) of sweat producing knee stressing running. Crazy thing is I actually paid them to let me do this!!! And even crazier I have been training for it and looking forward to it for months and have already paid to do another one in spring!!!!
None of my friends signed up for this one though, something about not being ready in time!!! HUM!!! the gal beside me in the white tank top pictured above can't use that excuse on me any more, she just ran for a straight 2 hrs with me yesterday to help me prepare.
I have my own perfect race goal, but I am keeping it quiet cause who knows what Saturday might bring, a "perfect race" may not be what presents itself, I may get rain, cramps, freezing temps or other such things that will change my time significantly.
So if you happen to be up between the hours of 8:30 till around 12:30 Eastern standard time think of me, and my crazy adventures in Indy as I pound the pavement (and remember I paid someone to allow me to do it!!!)

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