Sunday, October 19, 2008

WE Did IT!!!
God is great!!! To those of you who know me and do not believe, I know you may not understand, but my God did not leave me to run these 13.1 miles alone, he whispered to me the entire way.
You see, I started running a few years back cause God told me too. I had been speed walking since shortly after Courtney was born, when one day I was walking, praying and asking God what's next, I heard him say "Run", I said "are you crazy it's been decades, and I never really was any good" then I remember being a child and sulking at my third or fourth place ribbon and hearing my mom say "Don't sulk be happy, you were 4Th out of hundreds' you are ahead of way more than you were behind girl!!! What are you sulking for? Rejoice!!!".

I got the message, it's okay if I am not number one, just cause we are not number one in a certain area does not mean we do not have talent in it. Talent is simply excelling more in an area than most, not all.

So I started running, and it was hard at first. I never seemed to get past the 2 mile mark, and I could never get disciplined to stay at it during the winter months. In fact it was not until this spring that I finally seemed to start advancing. But when I ran it felt so good, I felt (and still do) like I was pounding out my problems, and sweating out my worries, with God by my side. Many times, since mom's first news of terminal cancer, I would have to stop as I was in tears, crying first for her, and then over the loss of her.

You see running has been a great emotional outlet for me, has been since childhood. I have been a runner since 1st grade, I just never knew how much I missed it.

So this race was for mom, and it was for God. Thanks mom, for never missing a race, for never letting me get so hung up on being number one. Thanks God for always being by my side, for taking me through this difficult season of life, and for restoring my strength once again. I will always have a deep hole in my heart for my mom, she was my number one fan!!! But I know she will be glad to know, I have got my energy back and I am her "little daddy long legs" once again.

For those of you wondering how I did. I did it in 2 hrs 21 minutes and 47 seconds. It shocked me to see my time, I surpassed my goal no more than that I blew it out of the water!!!

I am sore today but recovering, and already making plans to do more!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Runner!! I'm so impressed with you.... however I want to celebrate even more by knowing what your GOAL time was. You said you blew it out of the water- so what was it? Let us all know!!