Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Well Known Secret!!!
I was not going to post this but since most of you already know since the forced confession at Bunko of Friday night (up to then only two close friends knew but they were apparently dying to share the news) , I thought why not, cause some of you might find this information helpful!!
I woke up the morning of the mini to discover that I had forgot to pack an essential item for the run, I had forgotten those things your mother always tell you to make sure are clean every day, yep I forgot underwear for the run!!!!
What underwear I had was less than appropriate for running (and that is all I will tell you about that). I panicked at first and then remembered my husband's habit of always packing extra underwear on trips, (yes some of you already know where this is going). Yep, he had a spare pair of his famous Hanes boxer briefs with the comfort waist bands, He denied me it at first, but I begged, we had no time to stop to get me more of mine. So he gave in.
Here is what I want you to know though, if you are a runner or you ever become a runner, boxer briefs are great for races, there is no bunging, no sagging and you will not get chaffing!!! (chaffing is a not so wonderful experience of longer runs) I am sold, I told Jack a piece of him is coming on each race from now on.

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