Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Little Helpers!!!
The last two months I have been working on a project that was a long time coming. I have been training the kids to pitch in more around the house and do their share of the load. The kids are really enjoying it cause it means they are getting their chore charts finished quicker and each time they complete one of the above pictured charts they get $5 richer. I also will match their short term savings if they set a goal on a large item. Right now Thomas has his eye on a zoo computer game, Aiden Batman Lego for PlayStation and Courtney wants a twin doll from American girl (yeah she shoots big!!! mom and dad are going to shell out considerable for their half if she really does it).
Courtney is my finger print remover and dog feeder. I figured it was only fair for her to remove the finger prints since she creates more than half of them.
Aiden drys dishes, sweeps and spray mops the floors and changes the sheets on all the beds.
Thomas washes dishes, vacuums, walks the dogs and picks up the dogs parcels that she kindly leaves on our backyard (not his favorite chore believe me)
They also put away their own laundry, clean up their rooms at night and once and a while I have them do a large scale organization of their toys.
Now there is a daily limit on their chores to a maximum of 1/2 their age meaning, 3 for Courtney, 4 for Aiden and 6 for Thomas and most chores take 15 minutes or less. Only about 3 days a week do we reach maximum limits.
This is leaving mom, with more time to bake, do the bills, and plan for groceries for the week.
We are also enjoying more family times, for bike rides and swims at the new YMCA.
I am also noticing a greater respect to keep things clean, just the other day I heard Thomas yell at Aiden "HEY YOUR GETTING CRUMBS ALL OVER MY CLEAN FLOOR , CLEAN IT UP!!!"

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