Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aiden hitting the waves in the wave pool with waves of up to 6 feet high
Me and Courtney doing water races!!!

Aiden getting ready to do the Lilly Pad race with his mama and win!!!!

Thomas doing the "lily pad" race

Me finishing the races!!!!
A few things I have learned about water parks
1. No matter how fit you are, expect to feel muscles ache that you never knew you had the next day
2. Getting water up your nose is 100% guaranteed
3. Children have no fear, but strangely you now do, so expect to scream, while you children laugh at you!!!
4. Swimming makes the whole crowd hungry so pack lots of food.
5. Swimming does strange things to blond hair that it never does to brunette, BUT brunette mother's out there with blond headed children do not fear, deep conditioner left on for an hour will save the day!!!

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