Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our science text book and the children's representation of the surface of the planet, mercury
My students working hard on their planet illustrations

Our exploding volcano from the planet Venus!!!
Science class at Huizinga Homeschool
This year I decided to try something different and do an all ages inclusive science curriculum and I must say it has been a hit with this mom and her three students. I myself am relearning all sorts of things about the planets I had forgotten and I am learning all sorts of new things too like the "Exploded Planet Hypothesis", very interesting.
Each lesson starts off with review questions, then I read to them about the new days planet, and the book is actually interesting, not boring and full of jargon even their mom couldn't understand. Then we have review questions about the reading, and then we do an experiment, followed by book work that is done according to their age, for instance Courtney being six does an illustration of the planet and an oral report to me that I help her write on her page, while Thomas 12 does a paragraph on the planet.
The series is by "Exploring Creation" and you can find it at each book is under $30 and is full of about a half years worth of work if you did science one morning a week, or a whole year of you do it ever other like we are (they have co-op science with other homeschoolers the other week).
My crew likes it so much I am thinking of doing a summer session of it, and doing a lesson each weekday morning. Summer weather would make it perfect for outside messy experiments!!!

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