Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thomas does the Lobster Dance!!
Courtney had a blast with this PVC pipe, we were at this center for over half an hour.

My favorite, the blown glass exhibit, I see something new every time.

Aiden spends a lot of time each visit at this center playing with the plasitic pieces made to represent the diffrent pieces found in the blown glass sculpture that stands the three stores of the museum.

This picture below is of Courtney being a Mama to her dino eggs!!
The Price of Free!!!
About 2 weeks ago on Martin Luther King day, Jack and I took the kids to the Indianapolis Children's museum, one of their favorite places to spend a day. Jack actually dropped us off first and went off to find the Body Exhibit, in downtown Indianapolis that he really wanted to see while I went into the children's museum with the kids(he met up with us later). Now the great thing about the Indianapolis children museum is that it has free days , three times a year and one afternoon a month it is free as well. Usually free days are busy, but enjoyable, and our morning was, but I must say the afternoon was just chaotic even for this mom, who has a great talent of tuning out high volume children noise.
Still however, I will go back for more free days!! Cause they are bringing in a Lego exhibit, I know all three of my children will love. They all build Lego every day. Courtney of course makes cakes and designs shopping malls (what a girl!!!) while the boys make spaceships and weapons and robots.

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