Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our kitchen is pretty much complete, and I have never been a bigger fan of my husband than now. It is totally the kitchen I had in my head all these years. I cannot wait to get over there and cook him a big pot or batch of something in it!!!
Jack applying the grout to the kitchen counters. We got this granite tile for a steal of a deal, before we were even finished taking the plaster off the walls, almost 2 years ago, it feels so good to see it where we have always wanted it.

Our little kitchen bar area. Just big enough for three stools one for each of our "little animals". The room you see beyond it is our homeschooling room that has the couch in it from the other pictures. Still got to paint that window yet!!! The trim will be white like the cabinets. Oh and the bar chairs are from Big Lots (read today's thrifty tip feature)

Lots Got Done, Lots to do

Jack had a really good two to three weeks of successes at the renovation home. He got project after project done with no hang ups. However late this week, he hit a very frustrating day that ended with two more walls for me to repaint, after he repairs them. Since that day, he has done only little things, wanting a stress break!!!
OH well we still got a lot more done, than what we created to repair.
Every time I go over to paint now, I get giddy with excitement. I completed the painting on the master bedroom except for 3 tiny pieces of trim work, Jack had overlooked and put in once I noticed they were missing.
I have just one more coat on the bottom trim around the floors of the other rooms upstairs and those few tiny pieces of missed trim and then I can head downstairs to the downstairs trim.
I am leaving the biggest project to last. The staircase, as I am painting the old stairs and the banister and figure, if I wait till Jack is all done his work, there will be less dust and no one will need to go up the stairs while they are drying.
We will need to repaint a few walls due to accidents from Jack, or from me, I think we are 50/50 for those now. But that should not take long, I think I will just wait till everything else is done, then invite a few gal friends over for a night of chatting and touch ups.

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